Samsara is a consultancy of a dozen associates, working in project management, competitive intelligence, business development, and due diligence on behalf of international biotech pharmaceutical companies.

Our associates have decades of experience in biotech research, drug development, process development, regulatory affairs, and industrial scale manufacturing. Although we cannot say we have seen everything that can happen in a biotech manufacturing environment, our collective experience is exceptionally broad.

Our client base so far includes small, medium, and large biotech companies in the USA, China, Korea, and India.

In June of 2012, we started a new initiative to take on projects in Myanmar (The Country Formerly Known As Burma™).  We are still very much engaged in this country, and as of mid-2020 have a half-dozen projects underway that demand a modicum of skill in biotech fundamentals. Of course during the COVID-19 Plague Years of 2020-2022 we find ourselves doing the unexpected.

We are committed to becoming stake owners in every project undertaken, and we are not corporately satisfied until a project is seen through successful conception, planning, and execution.